everything that makes us unique

Your business needs more than just a provider, your need a solution! Lowest Host is a full service provider of: shared hosting, dedicated virtual private servers, dedicated servers, domain registration, domain reseller Opportunities, SSL/e-commerce, payment gateways, Affiliate Programs. whether your are are a novice, a Webmaster, or fully active commercial enterprise we have a solution for you! We provide our Clients reliable high specification servers. Friendly and experienced customer support staff, and our numerous years of experience in the web hosting industry.

Our Mission

Our Mission is simple: to provide web enthusiasts with the best hosting experience they've ever had while aggresively offering our services at competitive prices.

Lowest Host is an energetic, forward thinking and customer focused organization. Our focus from sales & customer support, to product development and technical support is done with one goal in mind always. That goal ensures each and every customer has a positive, and enjoyable experience. This means whether you’re setting up a new hosting account or conversing with our sales or support associates, you are assured a good experience. We’ve built our business from the ground up prioritizing and supporting this goal!

Customer First Web Hosting

Since our inception, we have backed our rock solid hosting solutions and top-notch infrastructure with the best customer service and technical support. A common reaction regarding the technology field is it's all about machines, yes, This business does require machines but, Lowest Host also understands it takes great people to run a well oiled machine. Yes, a successful business must be committed to client solutions, innovation, creativity and a warm, caring attitude toward all of our customers' related business needs. We don't just provide live, 24x7 support. we really do listen and care.

Powerful and Rock Solid Network

Operating out of Salt Lake City, Spokane WA, With Network Operations Centers in 1225 Technology Parkway (InterNAP) Cedar Falls IA & 100 Technology Drive
Asheville, NC Geographic disparity. Three Tier 1 providers, with an emphasis on international peering. InterNAP-provided bandwidth (linking the data-center to the Internet via UUNET, ATT, Sprint, Verio, PsiNET,, GTE/BBN, Qwest, Intermedia, and Level 3). Redundant systems to maximize your connectivity and uptime We build in redundancy to ensure your site is open for business. Our service includes Cisco routers, Layer 2, and 3 switches, our power system generator in addition to our regular grid electrical power, and our backbone. Each server is protected by fire suppression systems and multiple air conditioning systems (HVAC: Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning).

Innovative Hosting Solutions

Lowest Host provides an impressive array of various hosting environments, ranging from shared hosting, virtual private servers, and software to support it from basic up to manged dedicated servers.

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